Supporting two offsetting projects is another logical step for GROHE to compensate for so far unavoidable CO2 emissions: As part of its promise, GROHE has supported two offsetting projects to compensate for the so far unavoidable CO2 emissions.

The first project commenced in the north of India, in which the operation of a hydroelectric power plant replaces electricity that mainly comes from coal-fired power plants. The second project is in the African non-coastal state of Malawi, wherein the project looks to repair and maintain boreholes that are used to produce drinking water.

With the help of selected offset projects, GROHE will support activities based on extremely stringent criteria, such as Gold Standard, developed under the aegis of the WWF. In addition to avoiding CO2, the measures also contribute to a more sustainable, ecological and social development within the projects’ environments.

With GROHE goes ZERO, we are further expanding our leading position as one of the most sustainable brands in the industry. But at the same time, we have by no means reached all of our sustainability goals; we can and must get even better

Thomas Fuhr

GROHE has received numerous awards for its commitment to the environment. The brand has been nominated for the German Sustainability Award. GROHE CEO Thomas Fuhr was recently awarded for its commitment to sustainability by the corporate network B.A.U.M, the German Environmental Management Association.