GROHE ‘s strong commitment towards Sustainability is such that it’s integral to our brand as a core brand value – the other core values being Quality, Technology and Design. We aim to become the first leading sanitary-ware manufacturer to achieve CO2-neutral production by the end of 2020. And we recognize and support important water conservation projects through initiatives such as the World Architecture Festival’s (WAF) Water Research Prize. The brand welcomes planners, architects and designers to fully embrace sustainable architecture to positively shape the future for generations to come.

Watch GROHE’s interviews with eight of the world’s leading architects at WAF 2019 in Amsterdam, and learn how water-sustainability and other environmental concerns have become important aspects of their work.

It’s become something rather urgent, rather than something on a to-do list

Richard Hassell, Co-Founding Director, WOHA
on the importance of sustainability as a design value

Dilip da Cunha
Professor, Architect and Planner

Dilip Da Cunha is an architect and planner based in Philadelphia and Bangalore. He is the co-director of the Risk and Resilience program and the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University.

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Richard Hassell
Co-Founding Director, WOHA

Richard Hassell is the co-founding Director of WOHA, an architectural practice based in Singapore. He has lectured at universities around the world, and served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology Sydney, and the University of Western Australia.

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Sonali Rastogi
Founding Partner, Morphogenesis

Sonali is the Founding Partner of Morphogenesis, one of India’s leading award-winning Architecture and Urban Design practices. Her works have featured in over 750 publications, both International and National. She lectures and writes extensively, having spoken at the Brown University Arts Symposium, the Design Leadership Summit, New York and the World Architecture Festival, Berlin amongst others.

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Kristian Edwards
Senior Architect, Snøhetta

Kristian Edwards is a senior architect from Snøhetta, and has been involved in the design and realisation of a number of Snøhetta’s most ambitious zero emission projects including Harvard House Zero, Nydalen Vy, Svart plus energy hotel and ZEB pilot House.

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Sanjay Puri
Principal Architect, Sanjay Puri Architects

Sanjay Puri, the Principal Architect of Sanjay Puri Architects, India has been a speaker and a judge at numerous international architecture events including the Leading European Architects Forum, The World Architecture Festival & The Perspective PLAN events held in London, Amsterdam, Bologna, Milan, Venice, Barcelona, Singapore, Berlin & Belgrade.

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Dr. Li Wan
Research Associate, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. Li Wan is a postdoctoral fellow in the School of Architecture of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She specializes in sustainable building design and assessment system in poor rural areas of China. She is also the co-founder and project convener of “One University One Village” initiative that aims to bring together the expertise, knowledge, and human resources of “a university” to improve the livelihood of “a village” and its needy villagers in a strategic, systematic, and sustainable manner.

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Kasper Guldager Jensen
Senior Partner, 3XN and Director, GXN

Kasper Guldager Jensen is Senior Partner at 3XN and Director of an innovation company, GXN. Kasper is passionately engaged in sustainability design, digital processes, and new materials. In the space of a few years he has become a spokesperson for the shape of future architecture, focusing on circular economy and integration of new materials and green technologies.

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Stepan Martinovsk
Project Leader, Heatherwick Studio

Stepan Martinovsy is a Project Leader from Heatherwick Studio. He is currently leading the creation of a kinetic glasshouse in West Sussex, UK, and has recently completed the award-winning Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town, reinventing a historic grain silo into a major new cultural institution.

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