Set in an idyllic spot on the banks of the Coco River, X2 Hoi An is home to 70 villas and a hotel, an eco resort all created with the intention of being in harmony with the surrounding landscape, with environmental issues considered in every aspect of the design. This ambition was realized when the development was the first in Vietnam to be awarded the Lotus Certification from the Vietnam Green Building Council.

The site itself was chosen for its positive Feng Shui energy, and the villas use Modernist-influenced blocky shapes around courtyards and pools but are decorated inside with natural materials and organic, tactile surfaces.

The details of lighting and furniture are carefully chosen for a crafted contemporary look. Wood, bamboo and woven textures for furniture help create a calming atmosphere, and the elegant bathrooms emphasize harmony and restorative relaxation, generous spaces complete with sculpted freestanding tubs and GROHE Essence faucets.

Against the soothing natural materials used throughout, the sensual silhouette and dazzling Cool Sunrise finish on the GROHE Essence shower and floor-standing bath spout add a shot of contemporary glamour.
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