GROHE has taken the next step in sanitary care, by enhancing daily routines with Intelligent Care. GROHE Sensia® Arena was developed to transform the most private ritual into a refreshingly pleasant and hygienic experience through advanced technologies. This range of shower toilets combines the best of both worlds – German design & engineering and Japanese technology. Offering perfect body care, the ultimate in hygiene and personalised comfort, Sensia® Arena takes shower toilets into a new dimension of hygiene and well-being.

At the Downtown Camper, the story Stylt Trampoli decided to tell was about the Nordic passion for the great outdoors.


GROHE Sensia® Arena is designed to be one of the cleanest places within the home. To ensure 100% hygiene security, the Sensia® Arena is built with PlasmaCluster Technology, AquaCeramic Technology and HyperClean Technology. PlasmaCluster Technology releases positive and negative ions, actively eliminating bacteria inside the bowl and on the ceramic surface, making it a germ-free environment; the new GROHE AquaCeramic Technology creates a smooth hydrophilic layer on the ceramic surface that dirt and limescale cannot stick to; GROHE HyperClean Technology surface uses naturally anti-bacterial silver ions to prevent 99% bacteria growth. It is certified by the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles.


Every detail of GROHE Sensia® Arena has been considered to ensure it remains hygienic in day-to-day use. It is built with the new Triple Vortex® system enables flushing from three water outlets at a time, creating a powerful vortex that cleans thoroughly; it also makes the most of every drop, resulting in lower water consumption. Sensia® Arena’s rimless design makes it free from dirt accumulation and cleaning easier.

The spray arms are made from anti-bacterial material and they will be automatically rinsed before and after each use. They are also designed to be easily replaceable for continued cleanliness and lasting durability.


GROHE Sensia® Arena is built for personalisation and not standardisation. All features are adjustable. The toilet houses its own instant water heater to supply unlimited amounts of warm water. Spray type and spray mode can also be selected to suit personal preferences. Every user can customise his/her own cleansing routine to meet their personal needs.