In Lindesnes, at the southernmost point if the Norwegian coastline, a 32-meter long monolithic form is half-sunken in the sea. The building which is reminiscent of a periscope is Europe’s first underwater restaurant ‘Under’. Guests can dine here five meters below the water surface with a panoramic view on the North Atlantic Ocean. In the lavatories of this restaurant, GROHE installed its first 3D metal faucet Atrio Icon 3D.

Photo taken by Inger Marie Grini

“’Under’ is a mystic place. Outside, you have the rough Norwegian landscape and then you dive in into the restaurant with its fascinating atmosphere and its special light. To eat at the bottom of the sea with this incredible view is really a unique experience. I’m proud that we can add another magical moment with our 3D metal-printed faucets GROHE ICON 3D” – Jonas Brennwald, Deputy CEO GROHE AG & CEO LIXIL Water Technology EMENA

Photo taken by Ivar Kvaal

“In Norwegian the word ‘under’ also means ‘wonder’. This is what we have created here, and we are also proud to be one of the first to have the wonder of a 3D metal-printed faucet from GROHE in our fantastic venue”, explains Stig Ubostad, Owner Under Restaurant.

GROHE Icon 3D is GROHE’s first line of 3D metal-printed faucets. The taps under GROHE Icon 3D line are crafted using 3D metal-printing, made up of around 4,700 layers of steel that are each 0.06 millimetres thick.

Known for innovation and technology leadership, GROHE embraces the still-emerging technology of 3D metal-printing to push the boundaries of technology and design by creating shapes which did not seem possible in the past. The ultra-thin spout of GROHE Atrio 3D make the water flow look like a magical, optical illusion. This radical reduction of the design to an absolute minimum not only saves valuable resources, but also offers a new interactive experience of water.

GROHE Icon 3D was awarded the Red Dot Award 2019 and has bagged the Blueprint Best Product Design Winner 2019.

“Under” – Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant