With full views of the Andaman Sea, guests of the Casa De La Flora resort on the west coast of Thailand are privileged to have the ocean as their personal, live artwork. Comprising 26 eye-catching, box-like villas in smooth cool-grey concrete, each interior of the grass-roofed villas are clad in teak, with stylish dark wood panels on the walls wrapping over onto the ceiling.

Designed with the theme of ‘arising flora’, the villas are built such that they appear to emerge from the round and ‘bloom’ to reach the daylight. Custom-made furniture in the villas seamlessly continue this design theme with flora and organic forms. A series of grass-roofed villas are built on higher ground, for even more commanding views of the estate and the ocean. At the beachfront, ten detached villas hug the shoreline, presenting guests uninterrupted ocean views from the privacy of their own relaxing poolside recliner.

The balanced proportion of GROHE Allure fittings exudes luxury, whereas the clean lines of GROHE Lineare blend with the harmonious combination of the material and colour scheme in the bathroom interior.