When it comes to a good design strategy, the choice of colours plays a vital part. But not only the colour, the quality of the finish is equally important. Especially in the world of bathroom and kitchen solutions and where surfaces ought to last for a long time, excellent, highly resistant finishes distinguish good products from great ones.

GROHE aim: to offer consumers long-lasting water enjoyment. Next to the resistance of the material, it was also about the look of the colour: brushed hard graphite was made as dark grey as possible and golden finishes the brilliance they deserve. That was the task for GROHE technology team. In close collaboration with the GROHE design team, they achieved exceptional results working with a great new technology: PVD – Physical Vapour Deposition.

With origins from space programme, PVD has established a new standard in surface quality by using the deposition of plasma particles. GROHE has perfected this process and applied it to the products. This technique has achieved its high point in the creation of GROHE SPA Colours

All PVD coated colours are uniform because of the absolute eveness of every layer. Unlike normal electro-plated finishes with limited colour range, PVD finishes offer flexibility and choice with a wide range of colour options. The adhesion of the coating plays a vital role in ensuring a beautiful and long lasting finish. GROHE PVD process achieves six times greater adhesion that an ordinary electro-plated surface and are highly resistant to abrasion. This guarantees that our customers can enjoy high quality faucets and mixers for a long time.

As part of GROHE’s environment consideration, there are no harmful chemicals in GROHE PVD technology.