14 prestigious design awards since its launch – Red Dot: Design Award 2017, IF Design Award 2017, and many more…

The Sensia® Arena not only ensures the highest levels of cleanliness but also looks the part. Styled in the renowned GROHE Design Studio, which is the proud recipient of the Red Dot: Design team of the year award 2011/12, the shower toilet’s seemingly weightless silhouette blends in smoothly with any bathroom decor.

Its design and engineering process was driven solely by user needs and to create an entirely intuitive user interface. The result is a sleek appliance that users instantly feel at home with.

Since its launch, Sensia® Arena has been awarded 14 internationally recognised design awards from the if design award to the Iconic Awards. It is without doubt that Sensia® Arena is not only packed with great technology but is also beautiful aesthetically.